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Pilates exercise with weights

I am a Toronto based teacher that specializes in Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training & Rehabilitation Assistance. When a serious injury cut my professional dance career short, I discovered alternate forms of movement and healing. The world of healthy living opened up for me and for the past 19 years I have been teaching private and group classes in Toronto. 

*Covid 19 update: I am currently teaching online classes via zoom. If you would like to register for one of my classes please contact me at or at 416-897-0357. I am also currently teaching my private clients via zoom and I have started doing in-home classes again by appointment only. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I look forward to seeing you in class!



Stephanie Slater

My formative years were spent training at The National Ballet School. After graduating I danced professionally with The Royal Danish Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and LaLaLa Human Steps in Montreal. Throughout my dance career I explored Yoga, Pilates and Fitness which helped to provide the physical and mental strength required for a demanding performance schedule.


After a dance-related injury caused me to change career paths, I began to cultivate my love of movement and body awareness by becoming a certified teacher in Yoga, Pilates & Fitness training.
My 16 years of experience working with private clients, in corporate environments and in many studios/gyms has given me first-hand knowledge of the positive results that can be achieved through these modalities.


The transformations that can occur under the proper guidance are numerous. I am dedicated to assisting each of my clients achieve his or her fitness and other health-related goals which, in turn, help to vastly improve quality of life. I continue to explore and deepen my understanding of the body; both how it functions on a physical level and it's relevance to the mind-body-spirit connection.


Yoga Class descriptions

Flow Yoga:
In this class, postures are linked together with fluidity, breath and ease. Ranging from beginner to advanced, this class can be tailored to suit clients at any level and every age. By flowing the postures together and connecting breath with movement, some of the benefits that you will experience are: improvement in flexibility and a decrease of injury, an increase of range of motion in the joints, enhanced respiratory and cardiovascular efficiency, the promotion of weight loss, elevated mood and a normalization of sleep patterns.

Restorative Yoga:
This is a deeply relaxing class that will leave you feeling balanced, rejuvenated and at peace. As a form of Therapeutic Yoga, this class focuses on healing the body through supported postures. Limitations can arise through injury, illness, disease or fluctuation in weight and Restorative Yoga allows us to access poses that, at one time, may have seemed impossible to achieve. With the use of bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks, the body can melt into a pose thereby alleviating stress and improving overall health.

Yoga/Pilates for Children, Teens & Families:
Yoga and Pilates provide wonderful ways to connect with each other while receiving numerous benefits. In these classes we develop mindfulness and reduce stress through movement and creativity. Through these practices children can hone their concentration skills, learn how to deal with strong emotions, celebrate imagination and build their self-esteem through exercise and play!




Pilates Teaser exercise

Pilates Classes:
Created by renowned athlete and trainer Joseph Pilates in the early twentieth century, this system of exercises allows one to develop abdominal strength while promoting length and agility in the body. Pilates is a unique fitness experience because the exercises focus on efficiently working target muscle groups. The desired results of greater tone, strength and alignment are produced through this technique.

My experience with Pilates has been longstanding and I have added additional aspects to my classes to ensure a well-rounded workout. My unique approach has proven to be efficient, safe, strengthening and challenging.

In a personalized Pilates class, it is necessary to address any injuries and/or weaknesses in order to develop a strategy that will bring the body back to optimal function and balance. The usage of bands, weights and balls also add an extra element of conditioning that has proven to enhance the positive results achieved through this form of exercise.

Personal Training:
Private personal training sessions are structured around weight-training exercises and circuit training. By combining techniques used in Pilates and Yoga these training sessions are efficient and goal oriented. The combination of small bursts of cardiovascular exercises combined with weight training, abdominal strengthening and toning show results quickly. This potent and unique blend of modalities is a sure fire way to get fit fast!



“ As the owner/director of a yoga studio, I enjoy the privilege of studying with many great teachers in my hometown. It was a real treat to find a teacher of Stephanie's caliber while visiting Ontario. Her classes are appropriately vigorous yet meditative. She gives clear instructions informed by a thorough understanding of both anatomy and theory and Stephanie creates a calm contemplative environment in her classes to facilitate a deep and relaxing practice for her students.”

Mark Kenwward
Director, Mountain Yoga, Oakland, California


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